DTC Safety/Technical Audit

DTC Safety /Technical Audit
1 Date of Inspection
2 Location
3 Name of 11 KV Feeder
Type of Support
No of Poles
Height of pole (Mts)
No of Circuits
No of Wires
4 Code of Transformer Structure
5 Code of Distribution Transformer
6 Transformer Particular
7 DTC Structure
Type of Poles
Height of Support
Condition of Painting
Danger boards
Anti climbing devices
Number of guys
Condition of jumpers
9 Distribution transformers
Condition of painting
Oil level
Any other leakage
Breather condition
Condition of silica jel
Condition of bushing
Condition of HT terminals
Condition of LT terminals
Condition of conservator tank
Body of transformer
Neutral of transformer
10 Condition of transformet tank
11 Protection HT side
12 Protection LT side
13 LT wiring
14 Earthing
15 Loading on transformer
16 General condition of DTC